Describing a picture : Verb forms

Couch potatoes : A couple is watching TV : can you guess the seated positions they are in?

Listen and put up your hand as soon as you know which picture is described.

Read the script and find out how they described peoples' positions and activities: underline the verb forms.

OK, in the first picture we see a woman and a man. The man is on the couch and he is leaning back. He has his legs up on the couch and the woman is sitting on the floor and she is looking at the television.

OK, in the next picture we have… the man and woman are both sitting on the couch now and it looks like they are having a conversation or they are joking or something because they are very close to each other and they are not watching television. They are talking instead.

OK, in the next picture the man and woman are still on the couch and it’s a close up picture of the man and the woman so we can’t see the television in this picture and it looks like the man is watching TV and the woman is looking at the man.

OK, in this next picture the man and woman are both on the couch but the woman has her feet up on the couch, she’s lying on her side against the man and the man is sitting up and he has his feet on the floor.

OK, in this picture it looks like it is a little romantic: they’re both on the couch and they’re both lying back and neither of them has their legs on the floor and they’re both watching the movie.

OK, in this picture they’re both on the couch, they’re sitting close to each other and it looks like the woman is looking at the man but he isn’t looking at her, he’s watching television and he is resting his head on his hands.

Observe the verb forms and conclude :

Le _____________________ est la forme verbale privilégiée pour _____________________ ___________________

You can train further (focus on how they describe what there is and what you can see on the pictures)

You can now train on the « spot the differences » activity:

Be the quickest to find the 9 differences and note it down.

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