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  • Pronouncing my resolutions : the /ai/ sound - Janvier 2012

    On New Year’s Eve, I decided to do diet and start a diary. I need to exercise to reduce my thighs.
    Read and listen to this sentence to train on your pronounciation of the sound /ai/

  • Matt’s resolutions - Janvier 2012

    Listen to Matt and take notes about his 4 new year resolutions

  • Gary’s resolutions - Janvier 2012

    Will you keep your resolutions longer than Gary ?
    What are the most common resolutions ?
    How long do they keep it ?
    Pick out time and numbers.

  • Bridget Jone’s Resolutions - Janvier 2012

    Voici une drôle de vidéo de Bridget.
    Quelles résolutions !
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    http://www.anyclip.com —>

  • CO - Podcast in English - Janvier 2011

    Listen, identify the characters and note down their new year’s resolutions.

  • CO - BBC Flatmates - Janvier 2011

    Listen to the document and identify the characters and their new year resolutions.